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Bio for Terrie Lloyd

Terrie Lloyd arrived in Japan in 1983, at the age of 24. Shortly after settling in, he established his first company, LINC Japan Ltd., to provide translation and copywriting services. Over the intervening 22 years, Lloyd has established 12 companies in Japan and 5 overseas, of which he is still the CEO of 2 firms. He started off in translation and advertising, migrated the business to technology and tech support services after the rapid rise of the yen in the mid-80’s, then later added web and software services in the mid-90’s.

Lloyd’s career has included several successful earn-outs. The first was an $18 million SI company, LINC Computer, which Lloyd sold to EDS of the USA, to help that company establish its outsourcing base here in Japan. The second was a $1.5 million web development company sold to Chinadotcom in early 1999. The third was a $5.5 million sales of DaiJob Inc., Japan's leading bilingual online recruiting company, in 2005.

The 2 companies Lloyd currently runs are: LINC Media Inc. (Systems Integration) and Japan Inc. Communications KK (Media and Communications). While the interests of these companies may appear to be diverse, in fact they represent the major activities that any foreign company doing business in Japan has to engage in, that is: Infrastructure and facilities, systems and back office, and marketing and sales.

Lloyd is active in promoting entrepreneurship in the international business community, and until recently was on the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce, the Executive Board of the Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, and a founder of the BOSS entrepreneur group. He also writes on a regular basis for the Nikkei Shimbun, the Daily Yomiuri newspaper, and has his own weekly e-mail magazine called Terrie’s Take, with 23,000+ subscribers, at

Lloyd was born in 1958 in New Zealand, and emigrated to Australia in 1979. He is married to a Japanese national and has five daughters aged 19, 15, 8, 5, and 2.


Helping non-Japanese figure out how to do business with Japan -- particularly interested in technology, inventions, and publishing